Display the right content in an instant

MagicInfo-i Premium is revolutionizing the way your customers display content on your LFD and how they communicate with their target audience.

In an instant, it allows them to display the right content, to the right people, at the right time—from anywhere in the world. Through a centralized control, the user-friendly MagicInfo-i Premium is a flexible tool that’s easy to set-up and provides an economic web-based solution that multiple users can operate remotely.

Why Samsung?

Through Samsung’s expertise and industry knowledge, MagicInfo-i Premium has been optimized to work seamlessly with Samsung’s hardware and software. This one-stop display solution includes features like easy scheduling and real-time system updates through an easy-to-read screen capture.

Take control of your content

Now your customers can customize their communications with MagicInfo-i Author. MagicInfo-i Author allows users to set screen resolution based on their specific needs. With the user-friendly interface, MagicInfo-i Author provides your customers with a blank canvas to arrange and configure their content however they see fit.

In addition, the built-in transition effects help to create visual interest to capture the attention of their audience.

MagicInfo-i Author is a creative tool to create effective presentations and interactive content by arranging various elements (such as Shape, FLASH, Image, Input Source, Office, PDF, Sound, Text, Video and Internet, RSS, Chart, Table and Internet.) User can manage and reuse the contents intuitively. Author tool is the powerful tool that supports any contents which user wants to make.

Easy to learn the usage, powerful all in one tool,with hundreds of cliparts and more than 20 templates.

Various display resolutions

  • Standard resolution, Customizing resolution
  • Various horizontal and vertical resolutions
  • Various Screen Mode (Original Size / Fit to Screen / Lock Aspect Ratio)
  • Content Wizard to make content in the easiest way

Convenient design environment using elements

  • Resize / ratate / align each element
  • Undo / redo (History) functions in design tasks
  • Drag & drop editing environment
  • Reuse and register user-created pages as template
  • Detailed editing using the zoom-in / out function (10 to 200%)
  • Download multimedia elements from the server
  • After uploading LFD content to the server, the web server page display the proof of uploading
  • Various animation effects

Easy to make presentation with multiple pages and preview function

  • Presentation with multiple pages
  • Change page order by clicking drag& drop
  • Simulate content using preview function while authoring
  • Support two kinds of previews: individual page; all pages from the selected to the end pne
  • Support special page for Global Elements

Organize content using a timeline and layers

  • Organize intuitive duration using a timeline just by clicking and dragging on the elements
  • Control the element time duration up to 1/100 seconds
  • Overlap using layers
  • Provide user convenience by grouping elements with layers
  • More effects avuilable from Key Frame

Support various standard multimedia elements without any conversion

  • Multimedia Element Group: Image, Video, Text, Flash, ImageSlide Video, Sound
  • Office Element Group: MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF, WordArt
  • Polygon Element Group: Line, Rectangle, Arrow, Ellipse and 50 Polygons
  • Widget Element Group: Digital Clock, Analog Clock, Table
  • Web Element Group: Internet Explorer, Weather, RSS, FireFox
  • Chart Element Group: 11 kinds of chart
  • HW Support Group: Input source, Digital Camera, (various sensors)
    Please Note
    - When using a few of high definition movie files and multimedia files simultaneously, the playback speed may become slower.
    - When using Input Source Element, please be aware that it will use the PIP function of Samsung LFD, which is limited to one.
  • Proper codec installation needed.

Create interactive contents with powerful functions

  • Prepare necessary events as like mouse and keyboard and timeout, and so on
  • Provide various events for page and element, and assign mission to the event
  • Visual Basic Script programming to make creative content
  • Script Editor (various user functions embedded)
  • Script Wizard to edit script easily

Support a number of effects to catch one’s sight

  • Different types of In & Out Effects available for each Element
  • Slide transition effects between pages
  • Offer more then 300 effects, such as Alpha, Push, Reveal, Fade,3D, etc
    Please Note
    - Some effects are not available from particular elements and pages.
    - Some effect directions are not available from particular elements and pages.

Office file viewers

  • Use free Viewer Program to present Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PDF
  • Resize their presentation screen of PowerPoint and PDF also
    Please Note
    - User should find and install the free Viewer Program for presentation.

Local Schedule for USB Memory without Network connection

  • Publish schedules and content for a USB memory device or external disk
    Please Note
    - No set up files for Local Scheduler program. Installed simultaneously when installing MagicInfo-i Author.
    - Some LFD Models do not support the feature (check model).

    System Requirement
    - Operating System: Windows 7(Pro), Windows XP SP2, Windows 2000 SP4
    - Processor Intel Dual Core E6500, AMD Athlon-X2 245
    - System Memory: 2GB
    - Software: IE 6.0 or higher, DirectX, .Net Framework 2.0

What does this mean for our customers?

MagicInfo-i Premium provides our customers with an improved way to display information on a large scale. First off, customers can access a web server which will allow them to review system updates and control monitors from wherever they are. From the server our customers can also review any alerts or other notices that report on a monitor’s status. A user-friendly interface provides an easy way for customers to set up scheduling through Windows Internet Explorer. Through this same interface, customers can control features such as volume, screen brightness, power off, panel on/off, and even source change—all from a remote location.

Your key to connecting with your audience

With the MagicInfo-i Server is your customer’s gateway to delivering customized content to a global audience. With multi-user capabilities, the MagicInfo-i Server is extremely flexible and scalable so that it can accommodate a wide range of users and address an even wider range of uses. With MagicInfo-i Server, your customer’s audience will always be informed.

The MagicInfo-i Server is a web-based management application that manages sophisticated content and Samsung LFD devices, and that schedules and publishes content to player. Multiple users can connect to the server and control devices remotely using their web browser. The server controls MagicInfo VideoWall.

Convenient to register media content through web

  • The user of the author registers LFD content created using the Authoring tool
  • The user of the server registers other media files, except LFD files saved on the user’s local computer
  • Support streaming for saving disk

Manage content with various views and playlists

  • Register content using classification methods (by media, category, date, name) automatically
  • Configure categories to create and manage content groups
  • View content with various views (Image List View, Text List View, Image Tile View)
  • Create a play list to play multiple content sequentially and manage it as a group
  • Add and change content play order using drag& drop functions
  • Set the transition effects of the play list

Monitor LFDs using smart phone (Android 2.2/2.3)

  • Monitor installed throughout the world
  • Check content play list with thumbnails
  • Monitor LFDs and System information (CPU, Memory, Storage, Job Scheduling)
  • Adjust power off, source change, panel on/off, Volume, color for a display monitor remotely
  • Widget for brief infomation of LFDs

Monitor remote devices and proof of play (two-way)

  • Monitor multiple devices on the server screen as watching content’s thumbnail
  • Monitor a captured desktop pictures periodically transferred from a selected device to server
  • Transfer the record of playback contents
  • Displaying the fault device on the front page of the server
    Please Note
    - The thumbnail of content is not a screen recorded in real time.
    - If the term of the screen capture is very short, the performance of the server can get slow due to network traffic.
  • Support a remote desktop via the LFD VNC terminal

Control displays remotely

  • Adjust power off, source change, panel on/off, volume, color, brightness, and RGB values for a display monitor remotely
  • Check CPU, memory, storage, and network system information of the LFD device
  • Job scheduling (File download, excute command, manage process(Kill/Stop/Run))

Update software remotely

  • Remotely update the player program installed on a device
  • Register and manage S/W update for the player
  • Provide and reserve a remote auto update based on a time schedule for the player
  • Update devices automatically or selected devices with a selected version (Some LFD models and firmware version may not be supported.)
  • Firmware can be updated by the server (Some LFD models and firmware version may not be supported.) Easy to schedule and publish by clicking drag & drop
  • Schedule the content on a second / minute / hour / daily / weekly / monthly or yearly basis
  • View the schedule by the daily / weekly / monthly view
  • Put the transition effects between different content
  • Adding hardware control signals (volume, screen brightness, panel on/off) to the organized content
  • Set BGM for each organized content (the original sound of the content is ignored.)
  • Check the publishing status of the selected schedule, and cancel publishing
  • Publish schedules to selected device groups
  • Automatically reschedule with updated contents or play list.
  • Provide reservation schedule
  • Support maximum 4 frames to schedule

Urgent Message

  • Send an urgent message to the selected devices immediately
  • Set displaying durations and the attributes of font for an urgent message
  • Set background image, position on the screen, scroll on/off, timer on/off for an urgent message
  • Preview an urgent message on the server

Powerful administration tool for perfect management of devices & users

  • Sign-in process to get user authority and divide user’s authority
  • Manage multiple users and devices by grouping
  • Support both HTTP and FTP protocol to cover the network situation
  • Backup and recovery functions to manage the Data Base in Web server

Make a great first impression

Give your customers the capabilities of robust media player with MagicInfo-i Client. This application will provide users with a number of unique user-friendly features like playback with various effects DirectX, different display modes, and other functions that will enhance the display of the content. With MagicInfo-i Client, your customers will soon discover how easy it is to greatly improve their content with minimal effort.

MagicInfo-i Client plays content files according to the schedule published from the server or local USB Memory.

The Client program is provided for all Samsung LFD devices.

Playback different contents

  • General media files: Video, Sound, Flash, and Image.
  • LFD content made by authoring tool (containing various elements)
  • Playlist: combined Contents
  • Urgent Message
  • About 300 transition effects
  • Touchscreen-enabled interactive content
  • DirectX improves multimedia experiences

Support various display modes

  • FHD, HD resolutions
  • Landscape and portrait display modes

Easy-to-use player functions

  • Remote management from the server
  • Local scheduling function via external USB with plug & play
  • Playback content while downloading another schedule
  • Managing the storage for downloading automatically
  • Convenient configuration UI fo basic and advacned setting (touch screen supported)

Useful presentation methods

  • Zoom In/Out
  • Markup
  • Panning

Several Advantages against restricted use of only Samsung LFD Devices.

  • Monitoring HW operating status easily
  • Changing the attributes (volume, screen size, Source change, Panel On/Off, Power Off, brightness, etc) from server remotely
  • Most knowledge about OS and Firmware embedded in Samsung LFD Device
  • Supporting all requirements for digital signage business as like HW, OS, Firmware, and MagicInfo solution
  • Considering After-Sales Service request whether HW problem or SW problem